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Mixed reactions to RTE’s new home school teacher talking about ‘privilege’ and ‘anti racism’

There’s been a very mixed reaction to a Late Late Show interview with one of RTE’s new home school hub teachers.

Remarks about children possibly being taught about ‘privilege’ and ‘anti racism’ appeared to receive a mostly negative response from viewers who condemned the thoughts of Irish people needing to be taught about privilege or anti-racism considering what Irish people had to endure over the past 150 years.

RTE is pushing their home school hub at the moment to entertain and educate children around the country.

Their new PE teacher is Emer O’Neill from Bray. Co Wicklow.

The new teacher was interviewed on Friday night’s Late Late Show where she said she received a lot of racism after she decided to speak up about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

She said that graffiti such as “Shut the fu*k up Emer O’Neill” and “All Lives Matter” were painted on walls in her estate in Bray.

The teacher said that she wants to see more diversity throughout Ireland, including the gardai and various departments. Along with that, she doesn’t like when people ask “where she’s from”, rather than just accept Bray as where she’s from.

She said she wants things to be different by the time she’s a grandmother claiming that there’s a lot of great things happening in Ireland, including anti racism and privilege lessons.

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