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More than 850,000 doses of the Covid vaccine have to be thrown away after passing the expiration date


New data shows that more than 850,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been discarded due to expiration.

According to the Independent, between December 2020 and 30 November 2022, 850,102 doses of the vaccine were finished, an HSE spokesperson confirmed, reports Independent.

This counters the slowdown in first and second booster uptake, particularly among certain younger age groups.

HSE has spent €128.6 million on vaccines in 2021 and €4.6 million of this has been donated to the poorest countries.

By November last year, €141.9 million had been spent on vaccines against COVID-19, of which €19 million had been donated.

Immunization with the COVID-19 vaccines can now start as early as six months of age.

After the first throw of jabs, booster absorption continued at a particularly slow rate.

For children aged five to 11 years the absorption of the first two doses varies. Rates ranged from just 4% in Stillorgan, Dublin, to 56% in Bunkerana, County Donegal, with no significant overall change since December 2022, reports Independent.

Other recall rates ranged from as low as 10% in Blanchardstown-Mulhudart to as high as 40% in Rathfarnham-Templogue.

The local electoral area with the highest three-month monthly change in second push rates was Blackrock in Dublin, at 5%.

The rate of third boosters ranged from 2% in Blanchardstown-Mulhudart to 15% in Rathfarnham-Templog.

The third boosters were given only to older age groups and the medically vulnerable, reports Independent.

Almost all education sector workers received boosters, with 68% receiving their first booster and 29% using additional boosters.

More than nine out of 10 Irish workers have been recalled. The data show that 72% received the first booster and 23% received further boosters.

Meanwhile, the number of new cases of the virus declined by 16% in the 25 weeks to February compared to the previous week. The number of COVID-19 in hospital has come down to 138 and five deaths have been reported.

The number of flu cases decreased by 27% from the previous week to 178, while 44 people were hospitalized with the flu, a decline of 32%. There have been 170 deaths due to flu so far this winter, reports the Independent.

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