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Mother of one-punch attack victim meets the thug who hit her son

A mother whose son was killed in an unprovoked single-punch attack described her encounter with the perpetrator, reports RTE.

In 2017, Luke O’Reilly, from Tallaght, Co. Dublin, was attacked as he walked home from the pub with a friend around Halloween.

He underwent brain surgery but died in hospital on November 13, 2017

Jack Hall Ellis was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter but was released last year.

Luke’s mother, Janet O’Brien, took part in an Irish probation officer’s restorative justice program before Hall Ellis was released from prison.

Speaking to Claire Byrne for TODAY, Ms O’Brien said she decided to contact him because she hoped to see remorse and wanted him to describe the impact her son’s death had on her family, reports RTE.

She said: “Because of what I had learnt along the way I was able to make the most of that meeting. The other most important thing for me was to feel reassured that Jack wouldn’t go out and repeat any such actions,” reports RTE.

Speaking on the same program, Rachel Lillis, national manager of the Probation Service’s restorative justice and victim services unit, said preparation was key to a successful outcome for both parties.

Ms Lillis said: “There is a lot of work that goes into that process to ensure it is safe and both parties are safe. It also looks at what they need to do to repair that harm. We don’t want any surprises when we go to that meeting. International research has shown there is a high level of satisfaction with participation and outcome,” reports RTE.

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