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New Beginning Mortgage Group founder apologizes for data mistake


A new group which was set up to help homeowners who are struggling with their mortgages. has apologised after the names and bank details of over 1,000 customers were passed on to an investment firm.

The founder of the group known as New Beginning, Ross Maguire, has deeply apologised for his companies mistakes and said he will fully cooperate with the Data Protection Commissioner. It is thought that over a 1,000 mortgage holders details were passed to investment firm known as Arizun which New Beginning is currently seeking to partner. According to report published in the Irish Mail on Sunday which apparently reveals that New Beginnings received €20,000 plus VAT on the same day that Arizun received the data.

Mr Maguire was speaking to RTE’s This Week programme where he said that the data was sent by mistake in an email to a partner firm and when the mistake was discovered the firm agreed to delete the email. He regrets and has apologised for not contacting clients immediately when the mistake was discovered and said he will write to the people affected tomorrow .

Mr Maguire also said it was a mistake and hoped it would not damage the ability of New Beginning to do its work.

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