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New RTE Prime Time format receives mixed reactions with many viewers questioning one thing in particular

It was built up as fresh new reboot of RTE’s flagship current affairs programme, but it seems that RTE’s Prime Time had a mixed public response following last night’s airing.

In a move that saw new presenters and a new set, the National broadcaster has seemingly got more questions to answer as the public took to social media to voice their opinions on the programme which saw the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly answer questions about Ireland’s Covid-19 crisis.

The programme which received some praise for new host Sarah McInerney and Mark Coughlan’s vaccine roll-out target statistics, did face some criticism especially surrounding its eye catching set.

Although the public took to Twitter to post their opinions about the topics on hand, it seems that one thing in particular caught more attention than anything else and it wasn’t the Health Minister’s very vague response to questions about the current pandemic.

It seems that more people were interested with the new studio and in particular its eye dazzling effect that it had.

Many on social media moved quickly to point out that the brand spanking new studio had similarities to studios used by other television programmes abroad, whilst others were quick to point out that it had a rather psychedelic appearance that was way too distracting and it needed to be toned down.

Viewers were also left confused by multiple camera shots of the presenters who were conducting interviews whilst standing.

However despite the questions over the set and its cost, it seems that viewers were impressed by the programmes new presenter Sarah McInerney who was praised for her hard hitting questions to the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

Many viewers took to social media saying that McInerney’s style of questioning to the Health Minister was direct and what was needed.

What did you think of last night’s Prime Time programme did you like the new format?

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