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Nigel Farage reboots Brexit Party as anti-lockdown Reform UK

Image source: Sky News

Nigel Farage has announced that his Brexit Party will be rebooted as Reform UK, and will focus on opposing the UK’s lockdown measures.

In a Telegraph article co-written with Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice, Farage described Britain as a ‘nation divided between the terrified and the furious’. He asserted that the ‘most pressing issue is the government’s woeful response to the coronavirus’ which he claims has wasted taxpayers money and created a debate ‘more toxic than that over Brexit’.

Farage believes that only the vulnerable should self isolate, and that with good hygiene precautions the rest of the population should be allowed to ‘get on with life’, adding that with this policy the UK could attain herd immunity.

This comes as PM Boris Johnson has ordered the UK into a second national lockdown as the country has passed a million cases. Britain currently has the highest death toll of any country in Europe from the pandemic, with nearly 50,000 fatalities.

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