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No comment from Pavee Point on recent Traveller violence at Dublin Airport

People are saying that silence speaks louder than words as Pavee Point have not made any comment about the disgraceful scenes of travellers fist fighting in Dublin Airport as hundreds of people walked past and looked on.

Pavee Point are well known for commenting if there’s claims of racism or prejudice against travellers but so far they’ve kept their mouth shut in relation to the disgusting scenes that were caused by travellers, recorded on videos that went viral.

In what can only be described as truly shocking, disturbing and down right despicable behaviour, two thugs threw down in the middle of Dublin Airport on Tuesday evening.

It’s believed the thugs are members of the travelling community and were known to each other.

While “the fight” went on, it got even worse when another thug hit one of the men and a brawl broke out that saw one man being repeatedly stamped on as he lay on the ground.

There were absolutely no security guards or Airport Police in sight. Some people on social media claim they were too afraid to intervene.

Gardai eventually got to the Airport but the fight that lasted over 2 minutes was over.

One thug was arrested while another was taken to hospital.

Watch the footage on Instagram page here.

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