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Opinion: It’s just not worth the risk – I wouldn’t let my child get the HPV vaccine

Increasing numbers of girls are claiming to be falling seriously ill and suffering life destroying side effects as a result of them getting the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine.

Rather than publish these tragedies and warn others of the potential dangers of the vaccine, the HSE and our government appear to have chosen to embark on a course of undermining and sometimes even attacking those who have spoken out for those wounded by this vaccine and even the victims themselves.

Reports of healthy girls being allegedly paralysed, developing chronic fatigue, nausea, and suffering from constant, intolerable pain after receiving the vaccine appear to get somewhat of a hogwash attitude thrown at their claims.

In Japan, the government has withdrawn its recommendation for the vaccine but in Ireland government officials refuse to even talk to the people about the documented side effects. The media appears to be diligently towing the line and in doing so jeopardising yet more girls whose parents will blindly advise them to get this vaccine.

Perhaps those in the Irish Department of Health are just far more intelligent than their Japanese counter-parts?

One must wonder who is benefiting from such a reckless course of action.

There appears to be a hell-bent approach on keeping important information from the people regarding the dangers of this vaccine and revelations about the alleged improper behaviour at the W.H.O surrounding its approval. If anyone asks pertinent questions they are compared to “flat earthers” even children, made wheel chair bound by its side effects, have been belittled.

Something is rotten here. For me’ it’s just not worth the risk. This vaccine is playing Russian roulette with the health and safety of the girls and young women of Ireland and around the world.

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