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Opinion: The Irish Justice system is deeply flawed, with the punishment being handed out rarely fitting the crime


With everyday news dominated with heinous crimes and acts of beastiality, the courts of Ireland have never been as full with defendants, but does the punishment handed out by the nations Judges actually fit the crime.

As part of the national media we here at The LIberal hear of many crimes and cases on a daily basis which range from the small to the downright horrifying, but as many of you out there know the sentences handed down can be extremely frustrating especially given the nature of the particular crime.

Over the recent months and even years we as a country have heard of child molesters, rapists and murderers being given rather lenient sentences for their sickening crimes whilst we have also heard of harsher sentences being passed down to those who have committed lesser offences such as motoring offences or even failure to pay their TV licence. All of which leads to the question what is wrong with the Irish Justice system and what can be done to fix it.

Surely our Government has seen and heard of what is going on in our court rooms and yet nothing is being done, which is quite frankly appalling as everyday distraught families and the Irish public are being let down by system that is deeply flawed. A flawed system that sees child molesters getting rather disgraceful sentences, with some receiving as little as 8 years, for years if not decades of abuse on their victims, whilst some convicted murderers receive a life sentence that carries a mandatory 25 years in prison even though they are let back into society considerably earlier than they should be.

On the other end of the scale people have read and even seen on TV that a struggling mum of three has been given a hefty fine and is being threatened with jail time for failure to pay her Television Licence, but yet some of the country’s biggest fraudsters are given a pass with their sentences being suspended despite the fact they have swindled the Irish Taxpayer out of thousands if not millions of Euro. The whole situation seriously needs an overhaul with the Irish Government needing to follow and set an example like their fellow nations around the world.

There have been many examples cited by you the Irish people on social media everyday and we believe that many of these sentences need to be considered if not introduced. Although many of you may believe the death penalty for murderers, rapists and child rapists is extreme surely there has to be a system introduced like our U.S. counterparts that would see perpetrators of these harrowing crimes receiving a much harsher sentence without the possibility of parole until a justifiable term of their sentence is served.

The Irish Government and even the EU should extensively consider a system similar to the one introduced by Indonesia recently were all pedophiles found guilty of their crimes should be chemically castrated. However many of you out there would argue such a punishment would go against EU human rights and that it hasn’t been proven effective, although it must surely be considered given their sickening crimes against innocent children. Most if not all of you agree that any crime committed on a child should receive the harshest punishment possible and not a mediocre sentence that will never ever be justified.

I think all of us can agree that the Irish Justice system is in need of a radical overhaul that would see the guilty paying the price for their actions on the innocent and not the other way around.



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