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February 15, 2019

Over 1,000 turnout to protest the ongoing housing and homeless crisis


Over a thousand people have turned out in force in Dublin City centre to protest against the current housing and homeless crisis.

The protest which was held by the Take Back The City homeless advocacy group was held after a number of the city’s residents were left angry and upset six activists were forcefully removed from a vacant property on North Frederick Street on Tuesday evening.

Protesters who attended the event on Dublin’s O’Connell Street held a sit down protest and carried placards and pictures highlighting the ongoing problem.

Although the protesters held a peaceful demonstration activists were heard chanting and calling for change.

Many activists say they have become impatient with Government’s handling of the situation and say those responsible for addressing the crisis have done little to nothing to help the situation.

They also homelessness is real problem and that more housing should be provided by the state as it is a basic human right.

The protests come in what has been a questionable week for the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy who has come under increased pressure to step down from his position.

Although Mr Murphy has the backing of the Government, some opposition parties including Sinn Fein say they are considering submitting a motion of no confidence in the housing minister.

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