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Passengers say they feel very unsafe on the LUAS

Compared to other users of public transport, Luas passengers are three times as likely to feel uncomfortable throughout their trip, reports RTE.

According to the National Transport Authority’s most recent annual study on customer satisfaction, a notably greater percentage of commuters feel insecure waiting at tram stops or riding the Luas than they do when riding buses or trains.

According to the most recent data, 13% of Luas users who were questioned in 2023 said they felt frightened riding trams, compared to 4% of bus users and 5% of rail users.

when 66% of commuters who used buses and trains reported feeling extremely safe when using these forms of transportation, just 40% of Luas users reported feeling the same way, reports RTE.

Compared to other users of public transport, tram riders are also more likely to report feeling uncomfortable at or near stops.

10% of Luas riders reported feeling uneasy when waiting at stops, compared to 6% of bus and 4% of rail travellers.

When it came to strolling to and from bus and train stops, women felt less safe than men did, but when it came to Luas stops, both sexes felt about as uncomfortable.

According to the survey’s findings, commuters’ perceptions of the degree of safety offered by public transport have hardly altered from the year before.

96% of passengers felt safe at every step of their trip on public transport last year, according to the NTA, which is 1% higher than in 2022, reports RTE.

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