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Petition launched to revoke licenses to taxi drivers guilty of sexual assault

A petition is circulating online to have taxi drivers who have plead guilty to a charge of sexual assault stripped of their licenses.

The petition, which is hosted on, was created early on Thursday morning and had garnered 370 votes as of 5PM Thursday.

The petition, which is set up by taxi driver Declan Corr, makes reference in its pitch to a recent case in which another taxi driver plead guilty to sexually assaulting three women but received what many believe to be an incomprehensibly lenient treatment.

The man was remanded on bail, has now lost his taxi license after initially being just simply cautioned not to allow women passengers to sit in his front seat as a precaution lest he be tempted into attack another.

Other taxi drivers fear that this man will give them all the same name.

In December, a woman in her 20’s alleged she was raped by a taxi driver who at first was thought to have fled the country back to his native Pakistan but was then potentially spotted lurking around nightclubs in the city centre.

A Garda crackdown on phony taxi licences some time later discovered hundreds of bogus asylum claims linked to the scam and found some drivers had previous convictions for sexual assault and rape and two were radical Islamists.

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