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Pregnant woman hacked to death, husband and infant son stabbed in animalistic attack at luxury resort in South Africa

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A pregnant woman has been hacked to death while asleep in bed with her husband and infant son at a luxury resort in South Africa.

Karen Turner (31) was three months pregnant and sleeping next to her husband Matthew at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa when two men armed with knives entered their room at 3 AM on Tuesday morning and attacked them.

Also sleeping in the bed was their infant son Hayden who is 23 months old and was also slashed in the attack.

The men launched a frenzied animalistic attack on the family killing Karen and her unborn child and injuring Hayden while Karen’s husband Matthew suffered multiple stab wounds.

Nothing was found to have been stolen from the room so a motive for the attack has not yet been established.

However, attacks against South Africa’s white minority are all too common with some South African politicians like Andile Mngxitama, leader of ‘Black First Land First (BLF)’ has calling on his followers to kill whites and also declaring ‘We will kill their children and their women’ and even their ‘cats and

Speaking to News24, Karen’s older brother Ian Crouch, said he spoke to Matthew after he awoke from emergency surgery and this is what he was told by Mr Turner

“Matthew’s recollection was that he was woken up by being stabbed in the stomach by a guy on his side of the bed and there was another chap stabbing my sister.

He said he managed to sort of grab the guy and there was a tussle down the stairs.”

Friends who had accompanied the family on holiday were awoken by the sounds of the fight between Mr Turner and his attacker as well as the screams of his son Hayden.

The situation continues to deteriorate in South Africa for whites and non-whites as corruption and incompetence continue to wreak havoc on the economy.

Despite the state sponsored discrimination and escalating violence against the white minority in South Africa, Western nations, including Ireland have shown no concern whatsoever.

Attacks on white farmers in South Africa were recently investigated and exposed in a documentary by Canadian journalist Lauren Southern called “FARMLANDS”.

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