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Prince Andrew accuser recalls abuse on Epstein’s “pedo island” that left her hospitalised and fearing for her life

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One of the late Jeffrey Epstein’s most high-profile accusers, Virginia Giuffre (nee Roberts), has claimed that Royal Family’s Prince Andrew, whom she alleges raped her numerous times, took part in massive orgies with as many as nine girls on Epstein’s so-called “Paedophile Island”.

Epstein himself died under mysterious circumstances in his maximum-security holding cell in a Manhattan jail, coincidentally just before he was set to name names in his child sex trafficking case in which he furnished underage girls to powerful people in politics, banking and entertainment.

His death was ruled a “suicide”.

Now in an interview for a special edition of Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ Mrs Giuffre has gone into detail about how she was first trafficked to England by Epstein’s network and first started meeting Prince Andrew for his sexual gratification.

Prince Andrew has virulently denied these allegations.

In one instance Mrs Giuffre recalls when she was around 18 she and either other girls, whom all appeared to be under aged at the time, engaged in an orgy with Epstein and Prince Andrew.

“Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls and I had sex together.
The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English.
Epstein laughed about the fact they couldn’t really communicate, saying that they are the ‘easiest’ girls to get along with.”

Mrs Giuffre recalled.

Following this Mrs Giuffre produced medical records to corroborate her claims which show she was admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital on July 9, 2001, after three weeks of vaginal bleeding.

In a separate court document from 2015, Mrs Giuffre wrote

“Without going into the details of the sexual activities I was forced to endure, there were times when I was physically abused to the point that I remember fearfully thinking that I didn’t know whether I was going to survive.”

In a strange turn of events, Prince Andrew was photographed at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion just days after the untimely death of his friend, although it is unknown why he was at the home.

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