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Pure evil: Mother kills her 2-yr-old son because “he wouldn’t eat a hot dog”

Image source: Metro

A mother has been imprisoned for almost 20 years for her role in the death of her 2-yr-old son. Little Anthony Bunn was beaten unconscious by his mother and her boyfriend for refusing to eat a hot dog, yes, seriously. The little pet died two days later at the hospital after the attack at his home in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

His mother Elizabeth Woolheater pleaded guilty in August for having committed a second-degree murder and two cases of child maltreatment. She said she hit the boy because he did not eat the hot dog, and then heard that her boyfriend Lucas Diel had beaten him more.

Police were called to the house where they found the child not breathing on May 4 last year. They said they had arrived to find little Anthony with head and face injuries. He was taken to Wesley Medical Center in critical condition, but tragically died on May 6, 2018. An autopsy revealed that he had many fractures, bruises, and brain injuries and was malnourished. On Friday, Woolheater was sentenced to 19 years and five months in prison.

Her boyfriend, Diel denied beating the child, but a jury convicted him of second-degree murder. He is currently serving a 49-year prison sentence. Records show that the Department for Children and Families had been informed that the child was abused before his death.

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