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Report claims Amnesty International has a “toxic working culture”

Image source: Amnesty International website

A report into workplace culture has found that Amnesty International has a “toxic” work environment rife with bullying and public humiliation.

The review of workplace culture within the organisation was ordered after two employees committed suicide in 2018.

The review found evidence of discrimination, abuse of power and sever lack of trust in senior management in the charity.

The report which was led by psychologists on behalf of the KonTerra Group stated the following regarding the human rights organisation

“As organisational rifts and evidence of nepotism and hypocrisy become public knowledge they will be used by government and other opponents of Amnesty’s work to undercut or dismiss Amnesty’s advocacy around the world, fundamentally jeopardising the organisation’s mission.”

The report continues

“There were multiple reports of managers belittling staff in meetings, deliberately excluding certain staff from reporting, or making demeaning, menacing comments like: ‘You’re shit!’ or: ‘You should quit! If you stay in this position, your life will be a misery”.

The consultant group focused on the organisations London based international secretariat which it states is operating in a “state of emergency”.

Amnesty International was also involved in scandal in Ireland in 2018. Amnesty refused an order from the State’s ethics watchdog to return a €137,000 donation it had received from multi-billionaire George Soros.

The State determined the donation was to be used to push for legalisation of abortion and violated rules surrounding foreign money being donated to sway Irish referenda, namely the 8th amendment referendum.

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