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RTE Director General Dee Forbes gets suspended and says she ‘prioritised’ best interests of RTÉ

RTÉ’s suspended CEO Dee Forbes said he had always prioritized what he saw as RTÉ’s best interests “in order to best serve the public”, reports RTE.

In a statement released that evening, she said: “This includes pursuing a difficult cost cutting agenda as part of implementing a wider strategic agenda, all while navigating the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic,” reports RTE.

Ms Forbes said she was proud of her contribution to RTÉ as CEO.

She said: “I have been fully engaged with the Board since this matter arose in the course of the audit of the accounts. When asked in April 2023, I participated in the review conducted by Grant Thornton to determine the full circumstances and facts surrounding two specific payments to fulfil a contractual obligation for the years 2021 and 2022,” reports RTE.

Ms Forbes was fired by the RTÉ board on Wednesday.

In a statement, the board said “processes ongoing and RTÉ must be mindful of its legal responsibilities and the rights of individuals. RTÉ will not be commenting further on this issue at this time,” reports RTE.

RTÉ’s interim deputy general manager Adrian Lynch said he was unaware of the undisclosed payment to broadcaster Mr Tubridy.

“I found this out last Monday,” he told RTÉ Six One News, reports RTE.

The media minister said she was aware of Ms Forbes’ suspension yesterday, but said she had been told that the RTÉ board would have to seek legal advice before releasing the information to the public.

“I think for the sake of transparency, it is good that announcement has been made,” Catherine Martin said, reports RTE.

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