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Rural TDs condemn the government for neglecting people with disabilities in rural areas

The Rural Independency Group of TDs has slammed the government for its ongoing failure to provide adequate transport services for people with disabilities, particularly those living in rural areas.

Speaking from Leinster House today, the group’s leader Deputy Mattie Mc Grath stated:

“Disabled citizens are being let down by this government, which has shown a shocking lack of political will to prioritize their needs. It’s been six years since the last government committed to reviewing all transport and mobility schemes for people with disabilities, yet there has been no progress made towards improving options for transport to work or employment supports for people with disabilities.”

McGrath went on to criticize the Minister of State with responsibility for Disability Anne Rabbitte, for initiating yet another interdepartmental group to examine transportation issues for people with disabilities in January 2022, with no action taken since then.

“This is a grave violation of the fundamental human rights of people with disabilities. Access to transportation on an equal basis with others is a right recognized by international human rights standards. It’s unacceptable that disabled citizens, especially those in rural areas, continue to face immense difficulties in accessing public transport, while the government fails to provide a personal transport scheme that meets their needs.”

McGrath called on the government to “take immediate action to implement a fair and adequate transport scheme that ensures equality, accessibility, and inclusion for disabled citizens in all sectors of society.”

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