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Ryanair are reducing their winter schedule from Dublin Airport

Ryanair has said it is reducing its winter timetable from Dublin Airport due to increases in passenger fares, the airport’s capital spending decisions and the failure to introduce significant environmental incentive schemes, reports RTE.

The airline said it had cancelled 17 routes for the season and would also redeploy its Boeing “Gamechanger” fleet of 19 planes to other airports across the EU.

He says that these airports offer incentives to carriers that increase passenger numbers by using less CO2-emitting and quieter aircraft.

In response, Dublin airport operator daa expressed surprise and disappointment at the decision but dismissed it as a false claim by the airline.

It has been stated that Dublin airport charges will increase by 6% next year, not 45%, and this is set by the aviation regulator.

“Ryanair’s claim of a 45% increase in charges in 2024 is false. As Ryanair knows well, the aeronautical charges at Dublin Airport are regulated by the IAA who set the maximum level of charges at Dublin Airport. There is nothing approaching a 45% proposed in pricing at Dublin Airport which is patently false for anyone who has studied the regulators’ determination last December,” daa CEO Kenny Jacobs said, reports RTE.

It also claims to be offering incentives to airlines including Ryanair and has plans for new and improved infrastructure in Dublin, including Terminals 1 and 2.

However, Daa concluded that a new tunnel was needed for safety reasons and reviewed all options, including those used at other European airports.

“Ryanair’s claim that an underpass is not needed at Dublin Airport is, once again, false. We have reviewed all options, including solutions in place at other European airports, and both the aviation regulator and daa agree the underpass solution is the optimum one from a safety perspective and we never compromise on safety,” Mr Jacobs said, reports RTE.

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