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Government accused of completely failing to address housing crisis

The government is failing to provide affordable housing so housing policy must change, Sinn Féin’s finance spokesman has said, reports RTE.

In a speech during Leaders’ Question Time in the Dáil, Piers Doherty said even planned developments were not being delivered on time and the housing plan was “a shambles”.

Sinn Féin has called for 20,000 “public homes” to be built next year.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien said more than 30,000 new homes were delivered last year, above targets.

He said more than 2,500 permits were issued for the first house design.

Mr O’Brien said about €1.7 billion was underinvested in housing under Sinn Féin’s plans.

“We’ve a plan that is working,” he said but added that there remain significant challenges, reports RTE.

Doherty accused the minister of trying to mislead the public.

He also added that the fact is that homeownership falls under this government.

Also speaking in the Dáil, the Labor leader said it was “shocking” that children were still doing homework upstairs in hotel rooms despite the housing crisis not being adequately addressed.

Separately, Social Democrat TD Sian O’Callaghan described to the Dáil an alleged assault on a woman at a homeless shelter which he believed was captured on video.

Addressing the Minister, Mr O’Callaghan expressed concern about “conditions in privately run homeless emergency accommodation”, reports RTE.

He said: “Minister, on the 2nd of August, a woman was physically assaulted by a member of staff in a privately run hostel for homeless people. While this hostel is run by a private company, it is funded with public money,” reports RTE.

Mr O’Callaghan added: “The incident is recorded on video and it clearly shows the male staff member telling her that she is a piece of junk, threatening to hit and crush her. The staff member then hits (her). What action are you taking?” he asked. “Why was she left sleeping on the streets for several weeks after the assault?” reports RTE.

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