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Serious concerns being raised over 5G instalments during Covid-19 shutdown

There are serious concerns in Ireland and the UK in relation to 5G masts being erected across both countries during the coronavirus outbreak.

There is widespread discussion online regarding the apparent rush to install 5G masts while the country is on lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus crisis.

5G is the next generation wireless network technology and is thought to be vital to the evolving smart network that will radically change the way people live and work but many have raised health concerns with some cities and countries halting or even banning it installation.

Photographs are being shared online from around the country and particularly in Dublin of 5G being installed while the government has ordered all non-essential work to cease.

Those concerned with the possible health impacts of 5G have been left outraged by the move which some see as an opportunistic move by the government to install the network without facing public query or protest.

Numerous Irish county councils have halted or issued warnings against 5G over health concerns and some cities such as Brussels have banned the network entirely while countries such as Russia and Austria have halted the rollout of the next generation of wireless technology indefinitely.

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