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Shocking: 980 Irish women may have received contaminated breast implants


The Health Products Regulatory Authority have stated that up to 980 women in Ireland may have received contaminated breast implants manufactured in Brazil.

However the HPRA says that here have been no indications of any health risks for those unlucky few who have received the contaminated implants over the last seven years.

It is understood that particles of organic fibres were detected in implants tested by health authorities, which led authorities to suspend the CE certificates for all medical devices manufactured by the company, including the implants.

The HPRA says based on current distribution information received by the authorities the main products impacted on the Irish market are breast implants, gluteal implants and tissue expanders manufactured by Silimed.

About 17 people in Ireland may have received gluteal implants, and about 12 may have received tissue expanders made by Silimed.

It is advising anyone with any concerns to contact their surgeon, clinic or healthcare professional.

In a statement on its website, Silimed says that it assures that there is no contamination of its products.

They say that they voluntarily suspended the sales of its products on the European market until a pan-European investigation has been carried out and local health authorities have received the official technical report.

The statement says Silimed has technical reports that prove the total safety of its products.

It says the level of particles found is extremely low, and complies with all of the markets.

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