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Shocking: Evidence of Garda brutality following peaceful protest in Bluebell


Protests were held yesterday in Bluebell against the Minister for Children James Reilly following the launch of the National Youth Strategy 2015-2020.

The peaceful protest begin in the evening as members of the local community and youths surrounded his car and chanted slogans, Minister Reilly was however not in the car at the time.

The minister was at the launch for more than two hours, during which time Gardaí were monitoring the protest.

Following the launch Minister Reilly was advised by Gardaí not to return to his vehicle as the peaceful protest was ongoing and the former Minister for Health and current Minister for Children did not want to face the citizens he represents as they protested medical card cuts to children and those with disabilities as well as other topical issues.

Reports suggested his car had eggs thrown at it during the protest, however this has not yet been verified.

Later in the evening, while the protest around the vehicle was still ongoing, a Garda attempted to commandeer the vehicle and drive through the crowd of protesters.

The Public Order Unit, or Riot Squad, clad in body armour, with shields and helmets, formed a line to allow Minister James Reilly’s car to escape. These ‘keepers of the peace’ forced innocent unarmed protesters back in a display of aggression.

A video displaying this Garda assault and provocation of peaceful protesters can be seen here.

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