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Social media users claim Higgins used St Patricks Day address “to push his own globalist agenda”

This week RTE published the St. Patricks Day address to the Irish Nation by President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins.

There has been mixed reaction on social media with some claiming that Higgins was pushing his own globalist agenda on St Patrick’s Day.

In his address to the Irish Nation President Higgins labours heavily on “migration” referencing migrants five times but fails (again) to mention Christianity whilst referencing St Patrick, the Patron saint of Ireland who introduced and spread Christianity throughout Ireland.

President Higgins instead chooses to push his globalist agenda, focussing on messaging such as “St Patrick was a Migrant and St. Patricks Day “must always be a special day for recalling our migrant history.”

President Higgins describes St. Patrick as a “slave” and a “migrant” but in reality, St. Patrick was a victim of human trafficking into Ireland.

President Higgins said Irish people “are placing their invocation alongside the invocations and prayers of migrant communities everywhere.” “For us Irish, Saint Patrick, a migrant carrying to us the message of another compassionate migrant which could be placed, with respect, alongside other sources of the spirit.”

At no point in his address to the Irish Nation does the President of Ireland acknowledge St. Patrick for introducing Christianity into Ireland. Instead, President Higgins chose to revert to pagan sentiments saying we must begin a new journey “one we are happy to share with the whole world and all of its people, and one that helped renew a respect for Mother Earth to which we all belong.”

This does not come as a surprise to Irish Christians as it has been previously reported that Michael D Higgins had not mentioned “Christ” or “Christianity” in previous Christmas messages.

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