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Syrian Christians in Sweden fear genocide and civil war from growing Muslim population

Syriac Christians or Assyrians as they are also known are an ethnic-religious group from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey that make up one of Sweden’s largest minorities. Having fled genocide at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East they now fear civil war in their adopted homeland.

There are around 120,000 Syriac Christians living in Sweden and the Syriac National Federation in the country has been forced to drastically step up its own private security for the community as attacks from the Nordic country’s Muslim guests continue to rise.

The organisation representing the Christian community recently posted a series of threats they received online in Arabic from Muslims in Sweden. As per usual in the Scandinavian country the authorities refused to take reports of Muslim anti-social behaviour seriously and dismissed the concerns.

A spokesman for the Syriac National Federation told Swedish media outlet Samhallsnytt

“At one point they say they will do the same to us in Sweden as they did in the Middle East. A genocide has been carried out in the Middle East against Christians. We have fled these groupings to Sweden, but they have caught up with us here,”

Sweden has seen a massive influx of Muslim migrants and correspondingly a huge jump in crime, anti-social behaviour, gang violence and sexual attacks on women and children. A detective with 40 years’ experience in the Swedish police recently spoke out about the ongoing cover up of the migrant crime wave.

The official with the Syriac organisation went on to say

“We expect some fuc*ing civil war between different groups unless someone puts their foot down. The people who did terrible acts in the Middle East, they are here now… and no one seems to care,”

There have been a number of bomb and arson attacks against Syriac churches in the country including two against Saint Afrem church in Södertälje and the Saint Mary church in Norrköping and private security is now in demand as the police and government have very little interest.

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