Tanaiste: Labour Party "has nothing to apologize for during our term in Government"

Tanaiste: Labour Party “has nothing to apologize for during our term in Government”


The Tanaiste and Labour Party leader Joan Burton strongly believes that the Labour party has nothing to apologise for after four challenging years in Government.

Ms Burton made her comments last night whilst addressing the Labour Party conference, Ms Burton was speaking to her fellow delegates, were she stated that the party had a record to be proud of, as they prepare for another general election next year. With recent polls suggesting that Labour will struggle to get more than ten TDs in the next general election, The Tanaiste told the conference that the party would have to make though decisions that would be unpopular in the short term in order to deliver long term gain for the country.

Ms Burton also criticised both opposition parties for supporting the 2008 banking guarantee which Labour strongly opposed.
Ms Burton said: “Fianna Fail created the monster that was the bank guarantee and Sinn Fein voted for it. By profession, I’m a chartered accountant. Unlike Gerry Adams, I’m good at maths. I knew the bank guarantee was a bust. And I shouted as much from the rooftops,”.

The Tanaiste finished her speech telling her fellow delegates that she hopes to be the first Labour leader to take the party into two successive Governments.

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