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Taoiseach is risking Ireland’s reputation for Hogan’s glory, says Mattie McGrath TD


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Taoiseach Enda Kenny to withdraw his Government’s nomination of former Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan for the post of EU Agriculture Commissioner. Deputy McGrath made his comments following revelations over the weekend that directly contradicted previous assertions made by Mr Hogan regarding the breakdown of massive costs in the establishment of Irish Water:

“It has now become clear that Phil Hogan did in fact sign off on an internal Department document which detailed the break-down of start-up costs at Irish Water after having made explicit statements to the effect that he was not aware of these massive costs.

It only goes to prove that his continuous habit at the time of referring to everything as ‘a matter for Irish Water’ was a complete political dodge designed to shift the responsibility for such excess away from himself and onto the board of Irish Water. An excess it seems he was only too happy to indulge in.

For the sake of the Country’s reputation the Taoiseach needs to rescind his nomination and save us all the embarrassment of having an individual who is embroiled in political scandal before he even officially gets the post of EU Commissioner.

Given the high profile of the position it would be a terrible mistake to have a Commissioner, whom we are told is being put there to enhance Ireland’s opportunities, become a wearisome political distraction.

Agriculture in this Country and the EU generally will not be well served by a political figure that has done more than most to polarise communities by his high handed approach on any number of issues,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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