The O'Driscoll twins are laid to rest in their First Holy Communion suits in Charleville, Co. Cork

The O’Driscoll twins are laid to rest in their First Holy Communion suits in Charleville, Co. Cork



The funeral has taken plance of 9-yr-old twins, Paddy and Thomas O’Driscoll in Charleville, Co. Cork.  The two boys were wearing their First Holy Communion suits which they wore when celebrating their Communion last year.

Their brother Jonathan will be buried this afternoon with his grandparents in Kilmallock.

The parents of the three brothers, Helen and Thomas O’Driscoll Snr, listened as Fr Tom Naughton told the packed church that young men in particular need to reach out if they’re in a dark place and not communicate their thoughts so that people can help them.

Fr Naughton said: “The twins were lovable rogues. They were fun-loving and energetic. They loved playing with their friends.

“They were very honest, direct and straight. They said it as it was. They knew how to say sorry and were famous for their hugs.”

Jonathan was praised by Fr Naughton.

He said: “Jonathan made the whole family happy. He was there when you needed him and could pop up at any stage.

“He loved all his godchildren and never forgot their birthdays. He’d go up to Dunnes and buy little outfits as birthday presents. All three boys went hunting together.”

The twin boys’ parents, Helen and Thomas both carried the coffins out of the church to The Holy Cross church in Charleville. The boys were laid to rest beside each other in the adjoining cemetery.


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