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Teenage boys ‘frogmarched schoolgirl down a laneway before raping her’ at Appleby Horse Fair

Two teenagers have appeared in court accused of raping a girl at the Appleby Horse Fair.

The event brings together thousands of travelers from all over Europe to celebrate their culture.

Two teenagers, who are first cousins, approached a 15-year-old girl who was present in May 2019, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

MailOnline reports how the couple, who were not named, “pulled” her into an alley.

Prosecutor Tim Evans said the schoolgirl had never met the two men prior to the assault.

According to MailOnline, she told the court: “The defendants shouted at her, followed her and her wrist was grabbed as she walked across a bridge. She was then taken down a secluded lane on the town centre side of the bridge,” reports Metro.

“Then they took her to a secluded alley on the middle side of the bridge.”

The jury was told that one of the defendants “acted as a lookout” while the other raped the girl before switching places.

The girl was reunited with her friends at the Fair and was described as “scared and shaking” and looking “very pale as though she as going to faint,” reports Metro.

She reportedly urged them to “get me out of here”.

Both teenagers, who have since turned 18, denied the assault but were found guilty after a three-week trial at Carlise Crown Court.

Now they risk prison for raping the girl.

According to MailOnline, the couple claimed that the girl, despite being a minor, had consented to sexual activity.

Both men remained silent during their interview with police, the court was later told.

It took a jury ten hours and 43 minutes to return guilty verdicts for the two teenagers, who were jailed after the verdict.

They will be sentenced on February 17.

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