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Teenage girl who called Islam “hateful” moves school after receiving “hateful death threats”

A French teenage girl who provoked a torrent of hatred and threats from Muslims after she branded Islam a “religion of hate” has been moved to a new school the French Education minister has announced.

The 16-year-old, known as Mila, posted her comments calling Islam a hateful religion after she received homophobic abuse from a Muslim commenter online.

The remarks sparked a national debate on blasphemy in France and police quickly launched in investigation into the teen for alleged hate speech.

Although France is a strictly secular country criticism of Islam, as in many Western European countries, is taboo and can be extremely dangerous and even fatal with Muslim terrorists having murdered numerous politicians and journalists who have claimed the religion is violent.

Police then subsequently launched an investigation into the threats being made against the girl by outraged Muslims and liberals alike.

The teenage girl has been forced to leave her school after she was met with threats of being “burned with acid, hit, stripped naked in public or buried alive”.

Supporters, however, have been tweeting “Je Suis Mila” to show their solidarity with the teen in reference to the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” which was popularised after Muslim terrorists murdered 12 people in an attack on the satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris in 2015.

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