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Tensions mount in Parisian suburb after migrant attacks infant and his mother

Image source: Express

Le Parisien has reported that tensions in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis have heightened after a woman and her two-year-old child were allegedly attacked by a migrant.

The woman said that she and her son were punched in a random attack by a non-French national who came from the nearby migrant camp on the outskirts of Paris at 5:30 pm while outside the Franprix grocery shop.

The infant was hospitalised but was not said to have serious injuries.

The mother was also punched in the face, which left both with facial bruising.

The migrant attacker was then himself badly beaten and almost lynched by locals who left him bloodied and hospitalised.

The suburb of Paris, which is particularly culturally enriched, is considered a no-go-zone by many and police refused to send a patrol car in, even after a dozen locals amassed near the migrant camp protesting the attack and other anti-social behaviour problems linked to asylum seekers.

The Parisian police later claimed that a football match between France and Turkey was the reason they did not respond.

Women and girls in the suburb are reportedly the most vulnerable with even the group ‘Solidarité Migrants’ which used to care for the asylum seekers and homeless in the area discontinuing their operations due to safety concerns.

A member of ‘Solidarité Migrants’ told La Parisien

“There are a lot of great people and of course some hooligans in the package. Their mental health is deteriorating, and they are not supported.”

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