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Terror attacks span three continents


Just short of Isis’ first year anniversary of the formation of its caliphate, militants have launched a three-pronged terror attack at three separate locations worldwide.

Early this morning, as-yet unidentified individuals rammed a car into a gas factory in the French city of Grenoble, leaving one person dead by decapitation, and two more injured. The person’s head was hung on a fence, beside banners with links to Islamic terrorist group Isis.

Later on in the day, two armed individuals opened fire at a crowded beach in Tunisia, killing at least 27 people and injuring dozens more. It is understood there is one Irish woman among the fatalities. One of the attackers was killed in a shootout with security forces, while the other one remains on the loose.

And elsewhere, a suicide bomber has killed at least 25 people at a Shia mosque in Kuwait. The attack took place during Friday prayers in the town of al-Sawaber.

These atrocities follow a massacre at a museum in Tunis last March, when Isis militants opened fire and killed 22 people, all but one tourists.

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