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The face of evil: London police officer thug pleads guilty to 24 counts of rape

Image source: RTE

A serving London police officer has admitted to committing 24 rape charges in a nearly two-decade-long campaign of abuse of women, making him one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders.

Metropolitan Police and the country’s prosecutors said David Carrick, 48, used his position of power to control and intimidate his victims, telling them no one would take their word against that of an officer on duty.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called the case “appalling” and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said serious questions needed to be answered after Carrick pleaded guilty to 49 charges against 12 victims between 2003 and 2020.

“This is an appalling case and the prime minister’s thoughts are with all of his victims,” Mr Sunak’s spokesman said, reports RTE.

Met Deputy Commissioner Barbara Gray said the pattern of violent behavior should have been discovered sooner.

“Because we didn’t, we missed opportunities to remove him from the organisation. We are truly sorry that Carrick was able to continue to use his role as a police officer to prolong the suffering of his victims,” she said, reports RTE.

Carrick, who joined the Met in 2001, socially and financially isolated women, often holding them against their will, controlling what they wore and when they slept.

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London’s Metropolitan Police were embroiled in “special measures” last year after revelations about a culture of bullying, racial discrimination and misogyny among some of their officers.

Carrick will be sentenced on February 6.

The Met apologized today and commended the victims for speaking out.

The Met’s Ms Gray said the work to identify and forcefully eliminate corrupt officials was “determined,” “focused,” and ongoing.

The review was commissioned in 2021 after an officer was sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

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