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“The future is patriotism not globalism” – President Trump calls on nations to reject globalism

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US President Donald Trump has received much praise on social media while left wing media practically had a panic attack after his remarks to the General Session of the United Nations.

In his speech to the 74th general assembly of the UN, President Trump called on people around the world to reject globalism and embrace nationalism, saying that the future belongs to people who love their nations and value sovereignty over world government.

President Trump said

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to strong, independent nations,” while discussing international trade.

In a thinly veiled jab at the European Union and perhaps a nod to his friend, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Trump also said that those who love their nation and value democracy must hold on to its sovereignty.

The Leader of the Free World also hit out at Iran over its “menacing behaviour” and warned that sanctions against the country will continue and be tightened but also emphasised that the US does not believe in permanent enemies, a tentative olive branch to the Islamic Republic that is likely to worry Israel and the powerful Jewish lobby in the US.
The US President also said that “wise leaders have always put their own country and their own people first”.

These remarks have caused utter consternation in Western media circles, who have acted as the global cheerleader for globalism and the erosion of the nation state.

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