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Time to resign? Left wing media turn on President Joe Biden just 8 months into his Presidency

It was an absolutely and utter disaster, disgrace and unforgivable catastrophe, that’s what many on social media are saying about the Afghanistan bomb laying blame solely on US President Joe Biden.

Biden has even accepted responsibility for the chaotic way in which Americans were withdrawing from Afghanistan.

It appears as though left wing media Stateside has very much turned on Biden, saying the White House is now in chaos mode and just how this withdrawal went so badly with some even saying that had they tried to make it go worse that they couldn’t have done so.

Biden’s claims about President Trump wanting to pull out of Afghanistan isn’t working either because he had changed so many policies that Trump had taken and he had 8 months to change his own disastrous strategy.

President Joe Biden is hanging his head in shame this morning after the world’s media points fingers firmly at the 46th US President over his disastrous withdrawal plan from Afghanistan went predictably south.

In what can only be described as a truly disastrous day for Joe Biden’s Presidency, at least 60 people were killed, including at least 12 US soldiers in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul Airport as people try and flee Afghanistan.

There has been an enormous explosion outside Kabul Airport as Americans,  Australians, British and Irish are trying to flee Afghanistan.

Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan allowing to the Taliban to retake the country has just taken another horrendous nosedive.

The explosion appears to be that of a suicide bomber.

It’s understood that the United States has told Americans to leave the Airport immediately after a ‘credible threat’ to the Airport gates is imminent.

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