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Tough guy talk – Varadkar says he’s prepared to take legal action against UK over Legacy laws

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has made clear he is ready to take legal action against the UK’s problematic inheritance laws, reports Breaking News.

Mr Varadkar said the government had not made a final decision on its response to British legislation granting a limited degree of immunity to perpetrators of Troubles crimes.

He admitted that referring the case to the European Court of Human Rights would have political consequences for Ireland’s relations with the UK.

However, he said that the government primarily takes into account the voices of victims.

“Nobody wants to take their neighbour to court, it’s not something anyone ever wants to do, but sometimes you have to,” he said, reports Breaking News.

This will also prevent future civil lawsuits and investigations related to the crash.

The legislation is opposed by all major Stormont parties and victims’ campaign groups.

Several families of worried victims have already filed legal challenges against the new law.

Irish Attorney General Rosa Fanning is preparing legal advice for Varadkar and Tánaiste Michael Martin.

“I just want to re-emphasise the Government’s opposition to the UK Legacy legislation. It’s opposed by all five main parties in Northern Ireland, opposed by the victims’ groups and survivors, and they’re the ones whose voice we hear the strongest, they have to be the centre of anything when it comes to legacy, in our view,” the Taoiseach told reporters in Co Kildare on Friday, reports Breaking News.

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