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Tough guy Varadkar warns of nuclear arms race risk at UN

The world is at risk of a new nuclear arms race, the Prime Minister warned the United Nations, reports Breaking News.

Leo Varadkar has criticized Russia for threatening to use nuclear weapons in a conflict with Ukraine if tensions rise from the West.

He also said that the international community has failed in the case of Israel and Palestine.

Varadkar told the United Nations in New York on Friday evening that Ukraine deserves the unconditional support of all member states.

“Ireland has long been committed to building a world free of nuclear threats, but we see a world in which their place in security doctrines is growing rather than diminishing. This must be reversed. The stark alternative is a new nuclear arms race… that must not pass,” reports Breaking News.

Mr Varadkar called the war in Ukraine an “imperialist and brutal invasion” and condemned Russia for breaking a deal to export grain to the Black Sea.

He added: “This is about right and wrong. This is 2023 and no country should try to change borders by force and no country should try to bring down a democratic government by military means or by supporting a military coup. There cannot be equivocation on this. It was an act of unprovoked and unjustified aggression by an expansionist, revanchist power against its neighbour. The brutality of Russia’s actions in Ukraine has caused unfathomable suffering for the people of that country,” reports Breaking News.

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