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US President Donald Trump considering cutting funding to “China-centric” WHO

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US President Donald Trump is seriously considering the idea of freezing funding for the World Health Organisation calling it “China-centric” despite the fact that his country contributes more funds to it than any other.

The WHO has been criticized for being to quick to accept the Chinese dictatorship’s assertions about the virus in the early stages including the claim that there was no human to human transmission.

President Trump was also criticised as racist for first calling for a travel ban on people coming from China to stop the spread of the virus in January.

The current head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, visited President Xi Jinping at the end of January but before then, WHO was uncritically repeating information from the Chinese authorities, ignoring warnings from Taiwanese doctors who are unrepresented in WHO due to pressure from Beijing.

The Deputy Prime of Japan even spoke out about the collusion saying the WHO should be renamed the “China Health Organization”.

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