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Viewers left shocked and overwhelmed but full of praise for hospital staff following RTE investigates programme

Viewers were left overwhelmed and shocked after viewing last night’s episode of RTE Investigates programme which highlighted the plight of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the episode which was filmed at the height of the third wave in January, viewers were left saddened by the difficulties facing patients and staff at Tallaght University Hospital.

The programme which has seen many flock to social media to praise staff at the hospital, gave a horrific insight at how the hospital was forced to deal with a surge in cases at the hospital last month.

During the programme the incredible staff working at the hospital gave detailed accounts of the difficulties they faced whilst trying to treat patients and save lives.

Viewers of the programme were left overwhelmed as one patient named Edwin who has thankfully recovered told doctors that he didn’t want to die.

Meanwhile viewers also heard the story of a patient Gareth Grainger 41, who has asthma and went to the hospital after developing symptoms.

In a compelling interview his wife Hazel told viewers that Gareth’s condition got worse real fast and she recalled the noises he was making whist on the drive to the hospital.

The programme also revealed how Gareth a father of three was admitted to ICU after he experienced difficulties whilst breathing.

Although thankfully Gareth is now in rehabilitation, his wife Hazel also told viewers of how her life flashed before her eyes after Gareth had sent text messages saying his goodbyes to his family.

However the harrowing documentary also saw the real dedication by caring staff at the hospital as one scene in the programme also saw a nurse wipe away the tears from a male patient who was coughing.

The documentary which has led to many to show their admiration for staff at the hospital and indeed hospitals across the country also saw a strong but important message being issued by one staff member Bridín Fenlon.

Bridín a Clinical Nurse Manager at Tallaght University Hospital told viewers  who aren’t taking the virus seriously,  that “I hope people can see this is a reality, it’s not made up. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s happening.”

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