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Volkswagen Ireland recall over 1,000 Polo’s over safety fears

Volkswagen Ireland group have confirmed that they are recalling over 1,000 Polo cars amid safety fears.

According to The Irish Mirror newspaper, the recall for 1,093 cars comes following the discovery of a possible safety issue which lead to power breaking assist failure.

In a statement Volkswagen Ireland Group said: “Volkswagen Group Ireland Limited is carrying out a voluntary recall on certain ‘Polo’ passenger vehicles.”

“A safety issue has been identified, whereby, it is possible that owing to incorrectly closing non-return valves in the vacuum lines, which supply negative pressure to the brake booster, oil may be sucked towards and enter the brake booster.”

“The oil may damage the membrane of the brake booster, which may lead to the failure of braking power assistance.”

“The legal requirements for minimum deceleration values are also met without braking power assistance.”

It is thought that the potential safety issue is in cars produced from September 2019 to February 2020.

The Irish Mirror reports that the Volkswagen Ireland Group say they will write to those they believe who may be affected by the issue.

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