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Warning: FaceApp has been accused of major cyber security issues

FaceApp may have taken the Internet by storm in recent months, but the popular face changing app could have security flaws an expert has warned.

According to David Shipley from Beauceron Security, the app which changes your photos to make you look older or younger could potentially be used by hackers to steal your personal information.

Shipley warns that although the app is free to download, it can have major consequences given that hackers can steal your photos which can be used to unlock your phone or other personal belongings.

Speaking to City News security expert claims that the app and similar apps can be used by hackers who steal and sell your browsing history.

Shipley says users should protect themselves by fully checking the user agreement.

He added that it is vital that users fully understand what they are downloading and sharing as their photos can be used to create fake social media profiles which are then used in sophisticated scams.

People are advised to share this information with their friends.

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