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Watch Out Sony and Microsoft: 90’s console King SEGA could be coming back with the Dreamcast II


It may only be two days to go and Santy will be dropping off some PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s to Children (and adults) around the country tomorrow night, however there was a time before the day’s of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo premier consoles that saw a different console on everybody’s Christmas wishlist which went by the name SEGA who unfortunately went out of the console business due to the high success of the above mentioned trio. But now they could be back as the company have announced they are considering developing the SEGA Dreamcast II.

Yes! The original creators of Sonic The Hedgehog, may hit the shelves once mores as die hard fans of the Japanese brand have pitched an idea to bosses in the hope the save the popular 90’s console provider. According to U.S gaming website fans of the original Dreamcast which was a major hit towards the end of the 90’s have come up with an idea of developing a new Dreamcast around Sega’s custom made arcade hardware. Being that Sega is already stamping out custom boards to put in cabinets, the idea would be to use the boards in a console, as well, both to translate the arcade games to the smaller screen and to put out game development kits for cheaper prices, while using off-the-shelf processors, in this case Intel’s i5 Haswell, to overlap with PC games.

The highly ambitious idea, would see SEGA presuming they accept staking out a space in both the console markets and in Steam Machines, which have struggled to reach the economy of scale and price point needed to truly compete with the PS4 and Xbox One. It is believed the new idea would be to crowdfund the console and try to pre-sell a million units. With the hope of reintroducing into the console market.

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