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Web Summit chief says “fix the wi-fi or we will leave Ireland”


According to various reports the head of the internationally renowned Web Summit has issued a threat saying that he will pull the event out of Ireland unless the wi-fi problems which have hampered the event are quickly resolved.

The Chief of the well known exhibition of everything tech Paddy Cosgrave has said that the RDS has failed to provide an acceptable level of broadband for an event which is apparently worth around  €100m to the Irish economy.

Mr Cosgrave broke the news yesterday afternoon whilst addressing the conference saying he believes that the conference may not return.

Mr Cosgrave said: “I just hope to God next year is a little bit better,” he said. “And I’m really, really sorry for those of you who have been in here who’ve been unable to get wi-fi for three solid days now and I’m looking forward to a time where I can stand here and I ask: ‘Is there a problem with the wi-fi?’ and nobody raised their hand, and I believe that time will be 2015. “Otherwise, we won’t be in this country very much longer.”

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