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Water meter installations halted as protests turn violent


The next twist in the popular fight against water charges is unfolding today, as the installation of water meters in certain areas of Dublin has been halted due to violent scuffles.

This action comes in the wake of reports that the Coalition is looking to ‘toughen up’ on those who do not pay their water bill.

According to these reports, the Government would be looking to introduce measures to have any outstanding monies taken from salaries or social welfare payments.

Such measures, if implemented, would all but stiffen people’s resistance against water charges even more.

It is now suspected that dissident Republicans may have infiltrated some groups of protesters in the Dublin area, and may be behind attacks against Gardai protecting Irish Water contractors.

GMC Sierra, the company behind water meters, has decided to put any further installation work on hold until the situation is assessed. All work planned for today has been halted, and it is unclear whether further work will take place next Monday.

A senior Garda representative has said that Gardai will be available to ensure that law and order remain unbroken.

There is now widespread concern among Fine Gael and Labour backbenchers about the Government’s handling of the Irish Water/water charges fiasco, and many have predicted the ultimate downfall of the Cabinet over this disaster of their own making.

Latest opinion polls revealed that support for Fine Gael has nosedived, and that Labour is likely to be wiped out at the next election altogether.

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