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Woman jailed after she confesses to injecting her 18-month old daughter with bleach and liquid soap because she couldn’t love her

A woman in Turkey has been jailed after she admitted in court that she injected her infant daughter with bleach and liquid soap because she had no affection for her.

In a story that has gripped Turkey, the woman Elif K, pleaded guilty in court after she admitted to subjecting her baby girl Eylul Miray, to months of abuse which also included her being cut with razor blades.

According to reports in Turkey, Elif K gave a full account of the abuse which she began inflicting on her daughter from the age of one month.

It is reported that the woman from Istanbul, was investigated twice before she confessed to what she had been doing to her 18-month-old daughter.

In a detailed description, Elif K told the court that she had injected bleach and liquid soap into her one month old daughters ears, nose and belly button, until she started bleeding.

However despite being released from hospital, the mother who told the court that she just couldn’t connect with her daughter revealed that she continued torture Eylul by injecting her with bleach and soap as well as cutting her with a razor in her head, eyes, legs, arms and chest.

Although an investigation was launched when Eylul was repeatedly admitted to hospital, Elif K managed to persuade police of her innocence despite the catalogue of injuries she sustained when she was just nine months old.

It is understood police grew suspicious when the Eyul was admitted to hospital after her father Eray K, brought her to the University Medicine Faculty Hospital, when she was bleeding from her ears and nose.

Doctors treating the nine month old also discovered that she had a fractured skull and a number of cuts and bruises to her body.

However suspecting abuse themselves doctors at the hospital decided not to allow Elif K, to see her daughter which in turn aided her recovery.

A guilt ridden Elif who also admitted to injecting her daughter with bleach whilst she was in hospital previously, apparently confessed after her conscience got the better of her.

It is reported that Elif walked into a police station last August when Eylul was receiving treatment in hospital.

Elif who was found guilty of torturing her baby is due to appear in court for a sentencing hearing later this month.

Meanwhile it Eylul is reportedly under the care of her grandparents and is said to be making a good recovery.

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