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Young white mother shot dead after telling BLM thugs “all lives matter”

Image source: Facebook

A young white mother has been shot dead after she said that “all lives matter” to a group of Black Lives Matter terrorists in Indianapolis, Indiana.

24-year-old Jessica Dotty White was walking with her fiancé Jose Ramirez last Sunday when they encountered a group of BLM thugs who began berating them before the two sides separated after White said that “all lives matter”.

A short time later one of the black supremacist demonstrators shot the young mother from a nearby bridge before fleeing the scene.

Ms White’s distraught grandfather took to Facebook to post that numerous black assailants had shot his grandchild, who worked as a registered nursing assistant, in the head.

This racially motivated murder has left a three-year-old boy without a mother.

The horrendous incident has largely been ignored by both the US and international media as have numerous other examples of racially motivated violence against white people both in America and elsewhere, including Ireland, over the last few months.

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