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Leader of violent African gang in Galway jailed for racially motivated assault

The leader of a gang of black youths has been jailed for three and a half years by Galway Circuit Criminal Court after being convicted of litany of offences including muggings, robberies and racially motivated assaults.

According to the Connnacht Tribune, 20-year-old Tom Williams was handed a seven-and-a-half years with four years suspended on condition of good behaviour for numerous crimes including an instance of violent disorder in Galway City’s Eyre Square in which he and his gang attacked a number of Afghani youths and Irish bystanders.

The attack took place in the middle of the day and although the gang were well known to Gardai having had assaulted and robbed numerous Irish people and people of other white nationalities, authorities only began to pursue racially motivated criminal charges after they victimised non-European nationals.

The Connacht Tribune reports that despite his young age Williams already has 33 previous convictions and other members of his gang of African thugs are at large and thought to be operating as usual in the Galway City area.

The Connacht Tribune reports that three other gang members, Goodnews Onyenweson, received a four-year sentence with the final nine months suspended last May and Mourthadha Badiane received a suspended three-year sentence while another unnamed youth also received a suspended sentence.

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