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Strikes in hospitals to go ahead


Todays national meeting of INMO Emergency Department Representatives confirmed that strike action will go ahead. It will affect seven emergency departments, scheduled for January 14.

The hospitals involved in the action next Thursday will be:

  • Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
  • Mercy University Hospital, Cork
  • Tallaght Hospital, Dublin
  • Cavan General Hospital
  • Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore
  • University Hospital Galway
  • University Hospital, Waterford


Nurses and doctors think that due to overcrowding, they are unable to deliver the full range of care required by any individual patient in the emergency department. Today’s meeting heard numerous examples from members working in the frontline of their complete lack of confidence.

The meeting today also elected a national representative committee who will attend any discussions, with health employers, to address the above two issues in the coming days.

Speaking this evening INMO General Secretary Liam Doran said, “Today’s meeting was strong, committed and absolutely determined to address the issues of concern which continue to be held by members in our Emergency Departments. It is quite clear that health employers will have to make a monumental effort, commencing this weekend, to begin convincing frontline nursing staff, in Emergency Departments, that the WRC proposals will be implemented and will make a real difference to patient care and safe nursing practice”.

The INMO will be making contact with the HSE with the view to having further discussions commence immediately.

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