And so it begins: Ukrainian woman, accused of running a brothel by Irish host, claims she was made work like a slave – – Our News, Your Views

And so it begins: Ukrainian woman, accused of running a brothel by Irish host, claims she was made work like a slave

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There’s already major conflicts emerging from host families with their Ukrianian guests.

Last week,  a woman spoke to Tipp FM radio, going under the name of Helen, told listeners she took in what she thought was a Ukrainian refugee and her daughter via a Facebook group.

However, the Ukrainian woman in question says that she was made work like a slave in the woman’s house, including doing large amounts of house work for hours.

Her new Ukrainian refugee guest turned out to be an “escort.”

The Ukrainian mother and daughter arrived in Ireland on March 14 and were picked up from the airport by Helen, who then took them to buy new clothes report the Irish Examiner.

Helen soon became wary about hosting the woman in her home as she began talking within a few days of meeting different men for “dates”.

The Ukrainian mother of one daughter arranged to meet one man during St Patrick’s weekend and was planning to leave her young daughter in the house on her own.

The host, Helen discovered from neighbours that the woman was being picked by different men while she was out at work.

Helen stopped providing free accommodation and was able to get the Ukrainian woman and the child into emergency accommodation.

According to the Irish Examiner, Helen told TippFM: “I had opened my home. It is a beautiful home. It got thrown back in my face.

“If I had not had the resources that I personally had, I would not have been able to get this woman out of my house and that is my fear for other families who are opening their homes. They may find themselves in my position and may not be able to move them on.”

Helen urged people to go through the Irish Red Cross rather than making private arrangements. However it is not known how the Red Cross could stop similar or worse abuses of kindness.

“Make sure you are protected. There are a lot more complexities than just bringing someone into your home and opening your heart to them.”

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