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Cashless society en-route? NCT cashless plan must be reversed, TD claims

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Aontú leader Peter Tóibín described the NCT plan to move away from cash as a “terrible decision” and added that it should be reversed.

Car testing services have confirmed they intend to stop paying cash in the “coming months” and require drivers to pay the full fee before the test.

Payment will be possible online or by postal order.

“it’s a terrible decision by the NCT and it should be reversed,” Mr Tóibín told Newstalk. “Cash is the most inclusive way to pay for items,”reports Breaking News.

He added: “It means that people – no matter what their age or their skill level, no matter if they’ve access to the internet or smartphones – that they have the ability to participate fully in society. Cash is recognised to be crucial, especially for the inclusion of vulnerable citizens,” reports Breaking News.

“The many older people who can’t use smartphones or don’t have access to the internet, for example, would have to ask their children for help or ask their neighbours for help. When a person is older what we want to do is actually strengthen their autonomy, to strengthen their independence. By getting rid of cash, this has the opposite effect,” he added, reports Breaking News.

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